Everflo 7.0 GPM Diaphragm Pump

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The Everflo 7.0 GPM Diaphragm Pump is an innovative and versatile 12 volt diaphragm pump. It features a polypropylene housing and valve plate for long life and chemical resistance. It is ideal for agricultural sprayers, spot sprayers, Softwash Systems, and other fluid transfer applications. The pump is designed to handle a variety of water delivery applications including, but not limited to: agricultural spraying (spot or broadcast), de-icing (salt brine), mobile pressure washing systems, water transferring, irrigation systems, fire suppression, and mist spraying.

  • Polypropylene pump housing & valve plate for longevity and chemical resistance
  • Viton valves – Santoprene diaphragm for increased durability and efficiency
  • Honeywell micro switch
  • Approved for use with Round-Up and other agricultural brand herbicides
  • Zinc plated steel fasteners
  • Inline fuse protection
  • Automatic shut off when no flow is required, conserving battery life
  • Glyphosate compatible
  • Standard mounting pattern to fit most tanks
  • CE approved