The weather is heating up, so is your business?

Already it is June, kids out of school and temperatures are rising and hopefully the number of your jobs and profits with it.

We all know it was a very slow start to this year with the bad winter hanging on in the Northeast and the rains in the South and Midwest. But things are starting to slowly pick up.

I was hoping that I could get a discussion going on what each of you are seeing in your area, good and bad so you can see that there are others out there just like you.

For us at Soap Warehouse the economic, environmental regulation and weather issues that effect you directly effect us.

We also want to bring you information that will help you meet these challenges and hopefully aid you in over coming some of them. Here are some links to information that may help or at least inform you during these times.

For environmental regulation info go to or

For business building join one or more networking groups. Here is an article about Kudzu:

Links to different sites are here:
Merchant Circle

Is that Yellow page ad just not bring you in the business any more? Try these other places:

I hope some so these ideas help you reve up your revenues this summer.