MTM Hydro 1/2″ Premium Plated Brass Ball Valve

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MTM Hydro 1/2″ Premium Plated Brass Ball Valves are found in a variety of areas in the pressure washing system. Most commonly, this round-edged, light weight, heavy duty Italian ball valve is found at the base of the spray gun and used as a temporary shutoff while the pressure washer is on. By shutting the water off, the user can then change over to another gun set up without turning the entire system off.


  • Grade: Professional
  • Style: Gas
  • Inflow: 1/2″ Threaded (Female)
  • Outflow: 1/2″ Threaded (Female)

1/2 Inch Heavy Duty Ball Valve

  • Allows interruption of water flow to change hoses or accessories
  • Thicker casting is more durable & reliable
  • Rated to 3000 PSI

Threaded Connection

  • 1/2″ female threaded connection on each end

Brass Construction

  • Reinforced construction is more durable
  • Works with water temperatures up to 176°F

Chromed Shut-Off Ball

  • Acetyl resin seal lasts longer