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FACE OFF 21 2.5 Gallon is designed to remove graffiti spray paint from porous, non-porous, coated, and uncoated surfaces – all in one product.  FACE OFF 21 is an innovative 2 component system that is water-based, self-neutralizing and safe on most surfaces when used as directed. FACE OFF 21 soaks into porous surfaces, releasing paint from surface and sub-surface layers of masonry to remove the paint and its shadow.

FACE OFF 21 can also be used on painted and indoor surfaces when used as directed, and this application typically only requires the use of Component 1.  No need to stock two different products when you can service any application in one box.  However, for those who primarily treat indoor and painted surfaces, Component 1 of FACE OFF 21 can be bought alone as the new Face Away (62050) if desired.

Part 2 is Corrosive and must be shipped ground as HAZMAT.  Freight Quote is subject to correction after the order is placed.

Face Off Part 1 SDS

Face Off Part 2 SDS