Georgia Peach 5 Gallon


Georgia Peach roof wash in 5 gallon pail

Georgia Peach 5 Gallon is a non-hazardous bleach-stable bleach additive that is designed to generate significant foam to the bleach solution, thereby increasing cling and providing additional cleaning capability. Georgia Peach has been formulated to be twice as thick as competing products in the market, but still maintain applicability through injection or proportioning systems. Georgia Peach contains a long-lasting peach scent, and extra penetrating surfactant to accelerate a more effective and advanced cleaning. Georgia Peach is also available in a 1-gallon size.

Georgia Peach 5 Gallon, Premium SoftWash Surfactant is a Soap Warehouse Brand product. Soap Warehouse Brand has industrial soap products for truck wash, car wash, professional pressure washers, commercial hood cleaners, aircraft cleaners, laundry, and dry cleaners.