The Pressure Test Gauge Assy 5000 PSI can help you diagnose issues with a pressure washer. It can: 
  • Indicate damage: The gauge can show damage to the pump’s internal components.
  • Calibrate: The gauge can help calibrate the pressure washer pump operation.
  • Indicate cavitation: The gauge can help indicate the onset of cavitation.
  • Warn of problems: Accurate gauges can warn of internal pump damage, cavitation, pressure spikes, and other problems.
  • Monitor performance: The gauge can monitor system performance.
  • Ensure cost-effective spraying: A good pressure gauge and regular equipment calibration will ensure cost-effective spraying.
A pressure gauge should be installed directly onto the discharge head of the pump to read the full pressure at the pump. A loss in pressure or fluctuating pressure can indicate some aspect of the system needs maintenance.