Spread the word and be rewarded

Let a friend know about GCE, enter information about a friend that you would like GCE to contact to tell them about our products.

If they end up placing an order with us, you will get $10 as a credit on your account.


  1. Fill out whatever info you can in the form below.
  2. We will send out information that your referral can check out.
  3. When the referral places their first order no matter the size you earn $10.

Be assured that we will only make a few attempts to contact your friend and will never badger them. At any time they can opt out from future contacts.

You can fill out as many referral forms as you would like or just tell your friends about us and ask that they tell us where they heard about us and you can still earn your reward if they make a purchase.

Thank you for being a loyal GCE customer and friend.

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