5 Reasons to Have a Web Presence

This month there was a good article from Entrepreneur.com and if you have never looked at their site it is one that you should bookmark. You should always take some time to look at what is working for others to find what can help you and your business.

In short, these were the main points of the article:

1. Visibility

With more and more consumers logging onto the web to research products and services, if they are going to find your business, your business must be on the web. If a potential customer Googles your city name and your service would they find your website listed or just your competitors? Try this today and see who is out there and how you should be listed too.

2. Reach

With a Web site, you are no longer limited to a small customer base. Of course, with most of you, proximity is a major factor, but on the web, you are able to reach many more prospective customers in your local area. You can only hand out so many business cards. Even if your name has been mentioned as a word-of-mouth referral and no card with a phone number can be found, could this person looking for you find you? Try entering your company name and zip code to be sure you are listed first.

3. Customer Service

When customers can log onto your website and easily find the information they want—when they want it—their satisfaction increases. They are not limited to waiting for you to speak to them. Having ways on the website that customers can contact you besides reaching you on the phone is key. Have an e-mail address or form to fill out saving them time for a question or information to get a quote. And be sure you are able to contact them back quickly.

4. Competition

A professional-looking website can level the playing field for smaller companies trying to compete against larger enterprises. It’s also a way to stay in the game; if people can’t find you on the web, chances are they are finding your competitors. Even a small free site can show off your expertise, knowledge, work history, and quality of the work you do. Also, show customer testimonials of clients who liked your work and photos of completed jobs.

5. Credibility

When you can point customers, partners, even potential employees or investors to a Web site, it tells them you are a serious business. Use lines like doing business for over 10 years. Satisfying customers in the Tri-area since 2001. Even if you have just started you can use lines like “Only use top-quality products.” And list them if they have name recognition with your customer.

And remember once you have your site up send us the link and we will put you in our customer link area on our website to help more people find you and improve your site’s SEO.