New OSHA HAZCom SHS Requirements

As of December 1, 2013, you need to have given and completed all your employees training about the new Safety Date Sheet (SHS) requirements. Not to will make you non-compliant and you could face fines.

OSHA has been sending out information about this first deadline for GHS (Global Harmonization System) for quite some time but many small business owners and contractors still have no idea what this is, why it is needed and what they have to do. There are many companies that are charging businesses for this training at various price levels but all this information is also free.

To first understand what exactly must be complete by 12/1/13 you can read the OSHA fact sheet; 

If you have never gone and looked at the OSHA web site before, you need to check it out and bookmark it on your computer,

Here they answer many frequently asked questions in regards to the new changes.

There are free quick cards available to print out for use in training:

Along with a sample of new SDS to use in training

This current requirement of training should not take more than 30-60 minutes for most businesses to give to their employees but with all OSHA training more time is required of the business owner to document all steps that are taken for training; what supplies, print outs or manual was used in the training, details of the time and place of training. A list of all of the participants with their signatures next to their name acknowledging they attended training and a short test page, usually multiple-choice, showing the employee understood, by passing the test, the training they received.

This is why many businesses just pay for training, they do not want to bother or take the time to do these above steps themselves.

But at this late date, if you have done nothing by now, what can you do to be done in time?

First, be sure you are currently in compliance with the old MSDS training and OSHA rules; that you gave each employee upon hire and annual MSDS training. Make sure you have MSDS books or binders in all locations OSHA required i.e. at your office/location where the chemicals are received, handled, stored or distributed. A duplicate MSDS binder anywhere off-site where employees would come in contact with chemicals ex: on your vehicles, wash rigs/trailers. If you have never done this, now is the time when OSHA is taking a hard look at all businesses due to the HCS deadline.

Here are the steps you need to do:

  • Obtain and understand the OSHA rule (29CFR1910.1200)
  • Read and understand the requirements you must follow
  • Assign someone responsible for tasks, such as an HAZCOM Coordinator
  • Prepare an inventory of all chemicals used in your business

Then the important tasks that affect your employees

  • Ensure all containers are properly labeled
  • Obtain SHS for each chemical
  • Prepare a Hazardous Communication written program
  • Make SHSs available to workers via a book or binder
  • Conduct training for workers upon hire, annually, and with any change


  • Establish procedures to maintain the current program
  • Establish procedures to evaluate the effectiveness of all steps 

There are many companies that have created and uploaded to the web, slide shares and Youtube videos of their GHS training. So feel free to take a look at them.

Slide Share videos

OSHA GHS training (this one is free)


ClickSafety is very inexpensive for on line training 

I hope this helps get you moving toward HAZCom compliance.