Bio Barrier and the competition

We have a great product, Bio Barrier that I have written about before. But with so many new products coming out on to the market now I wanted to explain again how Bio Barrier works and to list and compare these others as well. 

Just as with soaps, there will be a number of products that will all do the same thing. What you need to figure out is which one does the job you need, at the price you want, with the customer service backing it up that your business deserves for the price you paid.

First, How Bio Barrier works.

Bio Barrier contains a revolutionary ingredient called Byotrol. The manufacture of Byotrol calls products using this ingredient part of “The Hygiene Revolution”. It has certification from the EPA to make claims to be deadly to germs yet gentle and long lasting. The problem is that once it is used to make a new product like our Bio Barrier if we want to be able to make these same claims we have to pay thousands of dollars for testing and go through a long time of EPA paper pushing to be able to say the same things. We of course have not chosen to go that route and so can not say in our literature, label or packaging any of these things, no matter what we believe. Now some other companies have taken the time and money and that is the reason they are only now getting to the marketplace when our Bio Barrier has been out for years. But there are some that have decided to go ahead anyway making the same claims that Byotrol can just because they have Byotrol in them, thinking these claims can just filter down to them as well. Well the EPA will catch up to them at some point

This is how Byotrol works, taken directly from the web site: “After it has dried, Byotrol leaves an invisible barrier which not only kills 99.9% of germs, but continues to work, keeping bugs at bay for up to 24 hours.”


Photo taken of a Byotrol treated surface with a micron microscope.

Again taken from the Byotrol web site. “Byotrol’s unique technology benefits are primarily due to the ordering and structuring of the individual biocide components within colloidal suspensions. We call this an Amphicelle. The Amphicelle barrier looks like a spiky surface, similar to a bed of nails, and these spikes keeps killing and destroying any new bacteria or viruses that try to settle on its surface.”

What we know and care about is that mold, algae and fungi, although not the same as a germ or bacteria, is that they can be effected the same way. Germs and bacteria have a very sturdy outer surface and is why only some chemicals can break them open, killing them. Mold, algae and fungi on the other hand are not as sturdy. Bacteria consist of a ring of DNA surrounded by cellular machinery, contained within a fatty membrane. Algae are vegetative structures with a multi cellular plasma membrane that lacks conductive tissue. I leave you to make the correlation then of how products containing Byotrol can work on these like it does on bacteria.

You can watch a short video about Byotrol here:

With Bio Barrier we are not trying to claim to have a germ killing product for a hospital, but we do have a product that can protect a surface for a limited time, up to 18 months, preventing mold, algae and fungi from reproducing either after a cleaning to slow down the ability for these to come back. Or if used instead of cleaning, to allow the existing mold, algae and fungi to die off naturally and not be able to come back for an extended amount of time.

Next. What products are out there for the cleaning contractor, pricing and how they compare.

Soap Warehouse – Bio Barrier: 1 gallon $15.50, 5 gallons $70. Use as is after cleaning a surface, applying to control regrowth for up to 18 months. Or can apply to surfaces with an existing infestation, allowing them to die off and slow down regrowth of new. Will not clean surface from any other kind of dirt or debris. As listed on our SDS contains <5% of this proprietary ingredient, Byotrol. We sell it as an as is product to keep the cost as low as possible while giving the contractor a product that does the job.

Citra-Shield – BioCide: You must buy into their franchise for $25,000.00. You get a limited service area to work in, you must buy product from them so I do not know the cost and this is a spray on and leave product. Apply to surface and over time will appear to clean but again will not remove any other kind of dirt or debris. They do not list how long cleaning will take. No MSDS publicly available but we have heard it contains Byotrol.

Spray and Forget: 64 oz. $29.95, 1 gallon $42.95, 2 gallon pack $79.95, 5 gallons $149.95. Actively sold to DIY end users in retail stores. Is a spray on and leave product. Concentrate can be diluted from 1:3-1:5. Can take from 2-5 months to work. reappearance can be from 1-3 years from reviews I have read. Some customers reported spotty cleaning or ineffective results altogether. Their MSDS does not list the percentage of the proprietary ingredient so we can not make a comparison.

There are other cleaners which I know do not contain Byotrol that say they clean mold, algae, etc. that I will not try to cover here. If you know of any other Byotrol products for surface cleaning please let us know so that we can research them, add them and republish this post with any updates. One new one I found on Youtube is called Actizone. Even Turtle Wax has come out with a cleaner and disinfectant that contains Byotrol.

I hope this post has educated you on our product Bio Barrier and that you might give it a try as an add on to your current cleaning or even as CitraShield is doing, use Bio Barrier as it’s own apply and leave cleaning system. To order call 770-921-0397.