Business Cards Are Your Best Investment

One item that is your best-spent money for the dollar is your business cards. They are the least expensive way to get your name out and get jobs. Make it a goal to hand out at least 10-20 cards a day to people you meet, or leave them wherever you go. True many will just get tossed out in the nearest garbage can but you never know when someone will need your service and dig out that card “That guy gave them”. Or when they will hand your card over to someone else who mentions they need to find someone to wash their house. You can expect less than 10% of any type of advertising including business cards to generate a call. Then it is up to you to land the business.

It is a known fact that people need 3-5 contacts from someone before they may buy. Also, it takes someone to hear or read something at least 3 times before it sinks in. And the number one way to get business is by referrals. So how do you get those referrals? Leave your customers at least 10 cards with their names on the back and ask them if they liked your service to hand them out to their friends. Also make an offer to them, ex: you will give a discount on the next job for them or even send them a gift card worth $25. And that if their friend calls and uses their name you will also give the new customer the same offer. Make it whatever you want but keep it the same so you will remember what your offer is all the time. You will find that if you change offers, one person will talk to another and may not be happy to hear the offer was not the same for them, a surefire way to lose business. That is why referrals work, people talk! And remember one satisfied customer will normally tell two friends while an unsatisfied customer will tell at least 10 people they may not even know. So increase your number of good referrals and work extra hard never to have bad ones.

Since exposure is the key to generating new business. Post your cards everywhere you can. On subdivision notice boards, dry cleaners, the corner pub, and just about anywhere in areas you like or want to work. Do not put them in locations where the type of customer you want probably does not go, like a Laundromat. If a client does not have $300 to buy a washer to wash his clothes why would he hire you to wash his house? But drive out of your way and post on the clubhouse bulletin board in an upscale subdivision where you want to work, where you know the disposable income level is high and esthetics are important to the potential customer.

Good luck and keep passing out those cards.