Carpet & Fabric Cleaner and Qwiczyme

These are two more great products not a lot of our customers know about.

Carpet and Fabric cleaner is a great addition for the car detailer, interior home cleaner as well as the RV dealer and commercial exterior professional. You can use this on fabric upholstery in a car, RV, or in the home. When used with professional carpet machines this helps give the carpet back the rich tones and contrast of color they should have. This product is great on fabric awnings on building facades as well as on RV’s. Carpet and Fabric will remove those black streaks from awnings and when used with Qwiczyme deodorizer you can also break down mold and mildew in carpet and fabric fibers. Qwiczyme leaves a clean wintergreen fragrance, and it can be added to your normal carpet cleaning solution.

The Carpet and Fabric cleaner is mixed with 1-2 oz per gallon of water. It can be sprayed on with a spray bottle, applied directly with a clean brush, sponge, or cloth left for a few minutes, agitated if needed, and then rinsed with clean water with the excess water and dirt removed with a clean cloth or towel, or extraction equipment with or without brush agitators.

Qwiczyme can be used by itself or in combination with Carpet and Fabric cleaner when you have mold, mildew, or other organic materials such as pet urine to remove and remove odors that are affecting the carpet or fabric. Qwiczyme is mixed with 2-4 oz per gallon of warm water. The water must be at least lukewarm (70 degrees) for the enzymes to get to the correct temperature to work properly. Mix this product only as needed.

I would love for any of our customers who have used these products to please comment on their use and the results they got.

Thanks and see you later.