Creating a Customer Packet

You can create several different customer document packets for customers; Intro packets, and Commercial job packets, but the one I feel is a must for the residential contractor is the “Thank you for scheduling” packet.

So why make and send a “Thank you for scheduling” packet? Sounds strange but sending your first time or even a repeat customer a small email packet of information just after scheduling but before the cleaning is a great customer service that will put you heads above the competition and here is why:

  1. They get all the information they need from you upfront without having to ask for it, or heaven forbid, forget to ask.
  2. You create set boundaries and expectations from the start. The information to give them can educate the customer, allow you to work well together and they can know exactly what to expect.
  3. It gives a fantastic first impression that you are a true professional. It can make them feel like VIPs and valued by you.
  4. It gives them something to talk about even before you have done any service for them. You don’t think they will mention this to family and friends and talk about what you are going to do for them. This positive word-of-mouth exposure is really valuable.

What should be in your packet?

  • A copy of your estimate and or agreement for service spelling out what you will cover and what it will cost. You can also, if you want, list add-on services and prices that they might want to add. (Even if you have already offered them before during the estimate)
  • A list of what to do before you arrive (ex: Close windows, move furniture, remove potted plants) and if you have a fee, the extra cost for your crew having to do it instead, or if you might cancel part or scale back service because they did not comply.
  • A guide listing the service they’ve chosen and what steps they may see you doing while working. (ex: Where you will park, how many workers should be there, where you will run hoses, pre-wetting plants, and bedding areas, covering plants, or whatever your normal routine is) Helps prevent them from stopping you mid-action asking, Why are you doing that?
  • Common Q&A’s customers have asked. Helps speed things up, and again so they are not stopping you from working to ask these when you get on site.
  • Business information including office hours, phone numbers, and listing your cancellation policy one more time.
  • Links to your website, and social media accounts.
  • Link to your survey, to be completed once the work is done. (Make sure you have a nice automatic thank you email set up to send when they do.)
  • Details of what your referral program is and how to participate.

Setting up these packets to send out and using them can save you time, increase sales, and make you even more desirable to talk about once you have given them a great cleaning.