Fleet Truck Wash Savings

This can mean many things to different people. To a trucker, it may just mean where can he find the cheapest truck wash, but to the mobile fleet truck washer, it may mean a few other things.

  1. The least expensive cost per wash
  2. The least expensive soap
  3. The lowest labor cost per wash
  4. The shortest time spent to clean

Well here at Soap Warehouse we have some products that can be all of these things.

Our top seller and performer for the last nineteen years is Brown Derby. This high-alkaline truck wash is the best at removing magnetic road film and is considered “Brushless” in the industry since you only need to spray it on, let it work, and then rinse it back off. The only similar results you could get would be two steps, but then you would be taking up more time and labor.

Compared to similar Brown Soap products in the marketplace our Brown Derby is still the best value when compared wash for wash. Others may seem to have a lower cost per gallon, but once you actually get out in the field using it, theirs will take more soap per wash, therefore costing more in the long run. Brown Derby is highly concentrated and easily adjusted to each contractor’s specific needs at the job site. You should always take into account, the hardness of the water used, the equipment dilution ratio, water pressure, flow rate, outside air temperature, the temperature of the water used with the soap, and even the temperature of the surface being cleaned.

These other factors will also affect a contractor’s costs, time, and labor needed along with the soap to get the proper cleaning.

Now if polished aluminum is an issue and you do not want the added cost of product, time, and labor of using an acid cleaner after, or even with two steps prior to washing, then you should consider one of our “Safe Finish” washes; Blue Lighting, White Lightning, Big Rig Brite or Truck N Tuff (TNT).

TNT is our light wash product that is great for the frequent fleet washer or to use in between heavy cleaning washings. One pail of TNT super concentrate can make 54 gallons of RTU (ready-to-use) truck wash, which gives great savings in shipping costs.

Blue Lightning is our most popular “Safe Finish” as it is economical while still giving the “Brushless” features contractors want. Used most commonly at a 1:35 dilution many can get good performance up to 1:50 and even further using hot water machines.

White Lightning is the same as Blue just with twice as much of the active cleaning ingredients making it better for those not washed as often fleets or dirtier than most fleets such as company delivery vans or electric company fleets.

The last of our “Safe Finish” products is Big Rig Brite. This is our top-of-the-line finish-safe product that has added water softeners and sheeting action ingredients, that leave a near wax shine without the cost or use of any wax. It leaves a practically spot-free shine on polished aluminum and chrome.

With proper dilution and equipment settings, these fleet washes will save you money, with lower shipping costs due to product concentration, and less labor cost due to time saved during washing, contact us today with your current soap product information and we will be happy to provide you with a comparative cost analysis between that product on our of ours. Call and see how much money we could save you this year for your fleet washing business. 1-800-762-7911, info@soapwarehouse.biz or visit www.soapwarehouse.biz.