How to Keep Your Enclosed Trailers Cool and Safe

In the heat of the summer, it is hard to keep an enclosed work trailer cool. A hot trailer is not only uncomfortable but it can be downright dangerous.


A hot trailer can allow your employees to overheat if they have to work in the trailer for even a short amount of time. You can have a fire hazard from things like vapors from gas cans, automatic combustion from chemical-soaked rags or towels, The danger of equipment overheating and catching fire, and carbon monoxide poisoning from running engines.

Here are some ideas on how to keep your enclosed trailers cooler and safer during any time of year but especially in the heat of the summer.

If your trailer came with only one rear door, add a second door or a few sets of small windows or vents that can be opened for cross-ventilation.


Install exhaust vents from all equipment to the outside.


Install at least one roof vent and if possible one with a temperature-triggered fan.


If your trailer is a dark color, consider painting or buying one with a white roof to reflect the sun.


Store gas cans on the outside of the trailer in a lockable cage.


Store any gas or chemical rags in a fireproof container that you empty often to be laundered or trashed.


Consider installing a small AC unit to run while you are stationary and have your equipment running.


Install a smoke and carbon monoxide monitor inside the deepest part of the trailer.


Have a fire extinguisher close at hand to knock down a small fire before it gets out of control.


Consider installing an automatic fire extinguisher over the most likely ignition point for a fire so any fire that may start will allow the flames to set off the unit and put out the fire maybe even before you know one has started.

image: Backhoe Install 2

Please try to implement as many of these as you can to have a cooler and safer enclosed work trailer.