Industrial Equipment Cleaning Products

This month our product focus is on a small group of our products that does not get a lot of attention except from the few customers that use them daily, so for the rest of you, this may be a totally first look at these items. They are Industrial Equipment Cleaners.

First, we have our “Parts Cleaner”. If you have a machine shop or pressure washer repair side of your business you most likely use a parts cleaner of some kind to remove oil, dirt, and the like from motor parts and such. Actually, we sell most of this cleaner to mechanics that have nothing to do with pressure washing but have a cycle and small engine shops like lawn motor repair.

This product comes as a powder, sold in 25 or 100-lb increments, and is used at one lb per 5 gallons of water. This mixture is used in hot-dip tanks and is usually set at 110 to 180 degrees. This heavy-duty alkaline cleaner cleans ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts of oils, grease, soils, and other debris.

Our next product “Phos-size HD” is also used primarily in motorcycle or machine shops. This liquid is a heavy-duty hot degreasing and de-rusting compound that is also used in hot water, high-pressure washers, steam cleaners, and hot dip tanks. Dilution can be as little as 2% and up and will leave metals rain bowed, blued, and prepared for re-assembly and painting.

This next product is one used by commercial building maintenance companies and the like. Our “Non-Acid Aluminum Coil Cleaner” is a great new “Green” solution to the old acid versions that are being phased out of use. This liquid product is used in the cleaning of air conditioners, evaporators, and condenser coils at a rate of 1:4 cleaner to water, but it can be diluted up to, but no more than, 1:40 in some applications. Coil cleaning is a necessary service that should be done at least once if not twice a year or quarterly depending on the equipment, environmental factors, and time of use the equipment is in operation. The more the use, the more frequent the cleaning needs to be. With this being a non-acid “Green” product, operator safety and client concerns to maintain new “Green” building initiatives can be fulfilled.

Another non-acid product is our “Drain Opener” which is also for commercial building use. This liquid product will dissolve and liquefy hair, paper, and grease found in commercial floor and sink drains in bathrooms, kitchens, and restaurants that empty into sewer drains. Not for use in outside water drains that flow into storm drain systems. Do not use on aluminum, or pore through aluminum drain covers or catch strainer baskets. Remove the cover and/or strainer before using the product and replace them after cleaning is done. Not for home use.

Also for cleaning drains as a maintenance type product is our “QwicZyme”. This has biological action to break down food wastes, grease, and other organic matter in drains and pipe systems that cause clogs. QwicZyme deprives odor-causing bacteria of their food source, thus inhibiting their growth and ability to produce obnoxious odors. This can be used indoors or out in any free-flowing drain and is safe for disposal and septic tanks. Warm water must first be added to the drain and pipes to increase the temperature before using it to activate the QwicZyme to work. Once added to the drain and pipes QwicZyme should be left to stand overnight in the trap and pipes before flushing with fresh water. Treatment is 1 quart per 25 cubic foot of pipe and it is suggested to be used weekly for optimum free drain flow performance.