More free advertising. How to write a press release.

Free press coverage can be more effective than any other advertising since it is usually a much larger all at one time exposure for your business. But how do you get coverage without paying for it? You must first write a great press release.

Since writing a good news release is not easy you may need to find someone to do this for you that in the best senerio will do it for free. If not maybe they will trade off service for service. But if not you can follow these steps to help you create a release on your own.

1. Establish that what you are writing about is a newsworthy event. So what is news worthy? Announcement of a new product you will be using or service you will be offering. The gain of a new notable customer. Hirings, adding a new rig or equipment, opening a new office, launching a new web site or offering a mobile application for customers. How you just completed an industry approved certification or won an award.

2. Identify the main elements of; Who, What, When, Where, and How. Use these to build your headline and body of the release. Anyone interested in your story must be able to learn all these from the headline or first few lines of the first paragraph.

3. Know your audience. If you are writing for the everyday Joe, then do not use techincal terms they may not know, write for the unknowing layman. Are you trying to reach home owners or commercial property managers? Make sure your information will be of interest to the group you are trying to reach.

4. Use your headline to “Grab” a reader. You must make it stand out. If it starts out like every other article about the subject you will be passed over and left unread. Be sure it brings out the main point.

5. Be concise but informative and be sure to give the reader correct contact information for follow up.

Following these steps will help you create good press releases to bring awareness to your business and product offerings.