Pinterest, Why Should You Bother With It?

Here are some recent facts about Pinterest:


Women like a clean appearance to their home, they will either pester their man to get it done or will look to hire someone because the husband does not have the time to look or do the cleaning themselves.

The higher the income of the family the more likely they will hire out home maintenance to a professional.


This is why you need a blog, either a stand-alone, as part of your website, or posts you make on other sites, like blogs with organizations. Blogging brings viewers.

You need a place to lead followers to, not just to a website page.

So if you are a house or roof washing contractor, a window washer, or a landscaper, Pinterest would be a great medium to use. Set up your business page with at least 10 boards, the space that takes up most people’s screens with two full lines of boards.

Select Board names that are clear, concise, and will either appeal to a wide audience or give specific information about a service with good visuals. Use good keywords in the post with a link leading the viewer to a blog or website page about what they are seeing, a landing page to fill out for a quote, or to videos and testimonials, they get good results.

Example: House Washing or any service you provide (one board per type), Home Exteriors or Beautiful Homes, B & A Photos, Certifications & Organizations, Videos or Our Work in Action, Blog Posts or From our Blog, Testimonials or Our Customers, Cleaning Tips, along with some fun boards as well like, Quotes, Fun Facts, Places I have been, Home Design, Home Projects, Cool Hacks, a hobby, sports team, or other topic you personally like.

The fun boards can bring you in like-minded people who can then see what you do. People looking already for the services you provide can get more information and additional ways to contact you.

You need to be sure when you make a photo to use for your pin that you have named it with a relevant name, do not leave it as 0715161, but something like Lawrenceville30046housewash71516. This gives you added SEO for the city, the zip code the service type as well as the qualifier of the date taken.

Here are our Pinterest stats just from the last week and averages per month.


Now yes it can be hard sometimes to figure out how many new customers or sales came from these viewers and visits but by asking people how they found us, I can say that Pinterest brings people to the website that hosts our blog and in turn is a large contributing factor in our overall social media presence. You can see the difference between the days I may not have added pins, the days of the week I am not at work to post. The more you engage the more that engagement will bring you new viewers which in turn gives you the chance to get them into your sales funnel.

Find Boards from posters you like and follow them, then their followers can find you as well.

I hope to see more of you on Pinterest with filled-out content.