What you can use to clean boat docks on or in the water

Now that is it Spring soon those with boat docks will be thinking about getting them clean for getting to and in their boats for fishing and recreational use again.

Here is some info about what you can use on docks of different materials to clean them and get them ready for use.

First sweep of all dirt and loose debris you can so that it will not go into the water the dock is setting in. Next you will want to use as warm or hot of water as you can since the warmer the water the better the cleaning you can get even with out using any additional cleaner.

With an all aluminum dock a hot water pressure washer maybe all you need since aluminum should not allow much to have penetrated the surface and may just need pressure and agitation with a stiff brush to do the trick.

If that does not do it or if you have a wood deck then you can use a product like our So Safe, which is a natural percarbonate powder that you mix up only what is needed to bubble and lift dirt away from the surface it is attached too.