Winter Work other than pressure washing.

I know many of you already have thought about or may be doing other jobs during the cold weather months, but I thought I would make a list of job ideas just incase some guys are just sitting around wishing they could get out and wash a house or roof in this below average cold most of us are having this Winter.

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The first type of work is to just shift from outside to inside. For example Hood Cleaning, other commercial kitchen cleaning while skiping the hoods themselves, inside warehouse cleaning of floors and walls, even commercial painting to keep busy. Here is one example of a company that seems to do it all to keep working all year round, Americlean.

The next type does take you outside but to work fighting what the weather is bringing, such as ice dam removal, snow plowing private or commercail parking lots (the cities do not take care of them). Here is company Roof to Deck that has added it to their work line up. And here is a company that went so far as to add separate company names and complete web sites for each part of their business. They are The LandscapesGuys for Landscape and Pressure Washing for most of the year and then the IceDamGuys during the winter months.

Those of you that already have cherry pickers or sissor lifts you can use them to replace light bulbs inside commmercial buildings, in signs and for parkling lot fixtures. Here is a very large company that is doing it Extra Clean Inc.

You might even find that one of these type of work jobs is what you might really like to focus on moving forward just like this company here in Atlanta, Atlanta Warehouse Cleaning, who years ago started just as a commercial pressure washing company that turned into a work specific company that now only does warehouse cleaning that was most recently purchased by a carpet cleaning company.

So think outside that box, think what skills and equipment you already have that can be used in another way for different jobs and good luck.