Bio Barrier and Mold Growth

The next product I would like to discuss is Bio Barrier. I wrote about this product last year but I will mention it again after speaking on Citrus X-terior earlier this week. Bio Barrier is a great follow-up product to any cleaning where molds and mildew have been a problem. Like with roof shingles – once the black Gloeocapsa Magma algae have been killed and removed, or with vinyl siding or wood decking- once the green, yellow, or black mold and any mildew have been killed and removed.

Bio Barrier needs to be applied right after a thorough cleaning of the surface has been done and the area to be treated is thoroughly dried. Bio Barrier is not a mold or mildew killer but rather a growth inhibitor. Bio Barrier protects a surface it is applied to from the harmful micro-organisms that prevent odor and mold growth from coming back. A properly treated surface will have effective protection for 6-12 months depending on the environment and frequency of exposure to direct water or indirect moisture.

Bio Barrier does not have to be used on the whole house, roof, or deck. You can locate, mark, or document, like with photographs or a drawing of the problem areas before cleaning is done to easily locate them later for treatment. Bio Barrier is used straight, not diluted. It can be sprayed, sponged, or wiped onto the surface for treatment just so light but complete wetting of the product is applied to the surface material. Bio Barrier does not have to be used to soak, saturate, or be allowed to run down or pool on a surface to be effective.

Bio Barrier can be used as an add-on to your normal cleaning as an added value, additionally priced service. For just pennies, you could be able to give a no-growth guarantee with your cleaning that would be a perceived added value to your customer.

Say for instance you clean a house and a few days later come back to apply Bio Barrier just to the problem areas. If you have left a sign in the yard stating your company name and number, plus left cards with your current customer with a referral offer, you may very well be coming back to that area to do a new job besides doing the Bio Barrier treatment and moving your sign to a different house’s yard in the same neighborhood.

Bio Barrier will make you look good to your customers and if you did a quality first cleaning job it should bring you added word-of-mouth business as well when the mold does not grow back in just a few months. It also gives you a leg up as to why you should come back on a yearly basis to clean the house and retreat for the mold.

Bio Barrier is available in 1-gallon bottles and 5-gallon pails. You can call to order Bio Barrier at 800-762-7911 or go to our website where you will find a Data Sheet and other valuable information about Bio Barrier.