Give information to your readers.

Improve your web site with informational or educational links, pages, blog posts and or white papers available for down load for readers. The more content and the more often you update this content will increase your sites SEO, increase the number of visitors, get loyal readers and over time new customers.

Here is a list of suggested topics for various types of cleaning contractors:

Roof washers

What is that dark stuff on my roof? (This is all most a must have to explain Gloeocapsa Magma algae)

Wash don’t replace your roof.

How a cleaning a roof increases the life of your roof and your home.


House washers

How a wash will increase the value and life span of your home.

A mold free home is a healthy home.

Exterior home safety.


Fleet washers

Spending on maintenance saves money.

Clean vehicles saves fuel costs.

Clean vehicles improves company image.


Window cleaners

All windows are not the same and what makes them different to clean?

Why double or triple pane windows fail?

How window coverings keep your house cooler? or warmer? (which ever you need in your area)

The list could go on and on but idea is the same. Search the web for info to use and see what your competitors are doing but Please create your own educational pieces and don’t just copy, plagiarize, someone else’s work from their site. Give readers information and education on your site and in your blogs to keep them coming back and eventually buying your service.