New 10 pound Powder Products

A few weeks ago we are introducing our new line of 10 pound containers of powder products at the Pressure Washing Seminar held in Albany, NY.

These 10 pound containers have a re-sealable ratched lids which makes them easy to open and use only what is needed to be mixed at one time. Each container holds 10 pounds of powder and an 8 ounce measuring cup. The products that are going to be available so far are:

“So Safe” Wood Wash, a “Hard Surface Cleaner”, a “Stripper” for paint and stain, a “Wood Brightener”, a “Truck Wash” and a “Uniform Detergent”.

These unique containers allow even normally hazardous products like stripper and sodium hydroxide truck wash to be listed as a DOT ORM-D (Other Regulated Material for Domestic transport) consumer commodity that ships just like a non hazardous item, thus saving the customer from higher Hazmat fees.

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Even in these small amounts they are concentrated products. Each 10 pounds canbe mixed to make between 20-50 gallons of solution for cleaning. The Uniform Detergent can wash at least 80 loads of greasy dirty work clothes so clean you will want to use it all the time.

Most of these run $50 per unit, $40 for the uniform detergent, and for a limited time are being offered at $10 off each pail. Because of their low weight and non hazard shipping classification the cost to ship these in small quantities via UPS Ground average around $10 a unit as well.

For more information, to be sent individual data sheets or to order please call us at 1-800-762-7911.