New size and lower price for Bio Barrier

A great product just got better. Bio Barrier will now be available in 55 gallon drum kits and at a lower price. So not only will you save on the cost of keeping mold, mildew and algae at bay you can save on shipping cost too.

Previously a full drum of Bio Barrier weighed 520 lbs and cost $650.00. But now with a kit you will get a 6 gallon pail of supper concentrate you will add to your own 55 gallon drum, add water to make that 55 gallons of RTU for $550.00, a hundred dollar savings. Plus this kit weighs less than 60lbs. This will drasticly reduce the shipping cost as well. You could easily be saving over $200 for just one kit.

Bio Barrier of course is designed to remove odors that come from mold, mildew and algae and retard thier regrowth after a cleaning. Roofs, siding, even side walks and decks can see months of care free use with out the return of ugly stains.

After cleaning & treatment

Call 1-800-762-7911 to order.  mold regrow resized 600 Before cleaning.