PWNA almost here

The 2011 Power Washers of North America convention is next week. It will be held this year in Nashville, TN, October 20th-22nd.

Soap Warehouse will be there as an exhibitor and is also a Gold Sponsor of this years event.

We will be introducing some new products, a few that are to full fill needs that our customers and past trade show participants indicated that they wanted.

First is our Dyn-O-Coil

SW DynOCoil1gal resized 600

Mineral Scale Preventer System. Many contractors complain about how their hot water machines get fouled and had problems stemming from hard water issues. So with that in mind this new product will inhibit scale crystal formation and even remove existing scale on coils, in a pump, on valves etc. with no harm to the machines parts.

Just a 1/2 ounce of preventative per gallon of soap mix is all that is needed, 1 quart per 55 gallons of water for prevention or 1 gallon per 55 gallons of water to work on removal of existing scale buildup.

Soap Warehouse will be giving away 4 gallons a day as a booth drawing during the event as well as donating 2 cases to the PWNA auction to raise money for the organization.

Next is a product for roof washers that were having trouble with their bleach solutions staying long enough on steep pitched roofs that they did not want to be up on. This product we are calling “Hang Ten”. Because this solution additive will thicken to hold the chemical on the roof even at a high degree of roof angle. All that is needed is for “Hang Ten” to be 5% of the solution mix. Ex: 1 quart (32 ounces) per 5 gallons (640 ounces). The quart being 5% of the 5 gallons.

Hang Ten can be mixed into straight 12.5% sodium hypochlorite or into a dilution. It even has aded surfactents such that other cleaners should not be needed in most cases. But it can be used with our product Citrus X-terior if added cleaners and fragrance is desired.

Hang Ten will not thin out over time, in fact it may get slighty thicker than its original thickness at 30 minutes out. The normal rest time we suggest after mixing and before use.

We also have two new Kitchen Exhaust cleaners; “Bonzi” and “Hood Cling” These are for our Hood cleaning customers that either wanted a product like another “Bonzi” product that is out on the market or one that had longer cling time on veritcal surfaces but with out adding any foam component to get it.

Both are sodium hydroxide products and should be very price competitive with others in todays marketplace.

Be sure to stop by our booth at the PWNA for a special thank you gift, to register for a chance to win some Dyn-O-coil for your self or to order product at show special savilngs.

See you there. To read more about Dyn-O-Coil or to order {{cta(‘6db26da1-6f0b-4192-96e7-045f2ec70be5’)}}