Welcome to Soap Warehouse’s Blog

I hope this effort will give our customers information and education from us and from our many customers that work with our products every day.

Please feel free to make comments, ask for information, answer questions or respond to previous information put on this blog. If we feel an answer should be elaborated on, changed or corrected we will be monitoring the advice given and make changes as soon as possible. But we caution everyone that unless it is advice the staff here at Soap Warehouse has given ourselves we do not stand behind the advice and can not be held liable for anyone following any advice a third party makes on the blog since it will be open for all customers to use and view. We reserve the right to remove, restrict or change anything an outside party puts on the blog and will not allow any foul language, hateful comments, derogatory or non factual material on our company blog.

I will begin by posting helpful hints and asking for any questions you may have about our products.